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2021-2022 Gr 8 Boys Basketball Teams

Thank you to everyone who came to tryouts. The team lists for the Gr. 8 boys basketball team are:

Red Team
Larsen McComb
Jerich Albano
Jasper Puyaoan
Leon Tabangcura
Okezi Urefe
Harjap Purewal
Marko Juan
Pasha Mendoza
Nate Unabia
Killian Dokaj **To be evaluated at practice when healthy
Grey Team
Nathan McCreedy
Mateo Franco
Kenneth Apdal
William Alumia
Cole Eby
Lesean Fernandez
Joey Ding
Luke Tamis
Rohith Fernando
Anjo Razon
Adam Rashad
Elijah Soriano
There is a meeting *WEDNESDAY* at the start of lunch in Room 207 (New Wing) for all players.”
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